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Glossario dei termini AUTO-ID

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AIDC - Automatic Identification Data Capture il termine del settore mondiale che descrive l'identificazione e/o la raccolta diretta di dati in un sistema informatico, un controller logico programmabile (PLC) o un altro dispositivo a controllo di microprocessori senza utilizzare una tastiera.

AIDC - Automatic Identification Data Capture is the worldwide industry term which describes the identification and/or direct collection of data into a computer system, programmable logic controller ( PLC ), or other microprocessor-controlled device without using a keyboard.
AIM International is a global affiliation of trade associations, comprising AIM USA, AIM Europe, AIM UK, AIM France, AIM Japan, and AIM Pacific, whose member companies are all involved with automatic identification. AIM stands for Automatic Identification Manufacturers, the original name for AIM USA.
( of a character set ) Consisting of or representing both alphabetic and numeric characters ( and usually other symbols such as punctuation marks ). Compare numeric
American National Standards Institute, an organization responsible for the standardization of technical terminology, units of measurement, etc. in the USA.
The opening in an optical device such as a scanner, photometer, or camera, which determines the size of the field of view. Most aperture are circular, but they may be rectangular or elliptical.
American Standard Code for Information Interchange: a computer code consisting of 128 alphanumeric and control characters, each encoded with 7 bits ( 8 including parity check ), used for the exchange of information between computerized systems. It is described in the ANSI document X3.4-1977.
The ability of a bar code reader to distinguish automatically between two or more symbologies ( e.g. Interleaved 2 of 5 and Code 39 ).
Auto ID
Automatic identification. Includes the fields of Barcoding, Magnetic, RF tags and Robot Vision. The means by which an object or entity can be identified automatically via some marking on the object itself, related to identity, location and status of an item. Auto ID is the core of ACSE's business.

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