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Glossario dei termini AUTO-ID

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bad read
See misread.
Significa BARRA ed indica una qualsiasi linea scura di un codice a barre stampato oppure indica l'elemento scuro di un codice a barre stampato.
Any of the dark lines in a printed bar code symbol or the dark element of a printed bar code symbol .
bar code
1 - An array of parallel rectangular bars and spaces arranged according to the encodation rules of a particular symbology in order to represent human-readable data in machine-readable form.
2 - An automatic identification technology consisting of capturing data encoded in this way.
bar code character
A group of bars and spaces within a bar code that represent a single letter, number, or other character.
bar code density
The number of characters that can be represented by a bar code per linear unit of measure, usually expressed as characters per inch (cpi). The width of the narrowest bar or space and wide to narrow ratio are the controlling factors.
bar code label
A label which carries a bar code symbol and is suitable to be affixed to an article.
bar code reader
A device used to capture the data encoded in a bar code symbol. It consists of two parts: the input device ( scanner ) which sends signals proportional to the reflectivity of each successive element of the bar code to the decoder, which examines the signals from the scanner and translates them into recognizable or computer-compatible data. The decoder itself is sometimes called a reader.

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bar code symbol
The combination of characters required by a particular symbology, including start/stop characters, quiet zones, data characters, and check characters, which together form a complete scannable entity.
The light area between and surrounding the bars of a printed bar code symbol. The background can be the substrate on which the bar code is printed or an over-printing of a suitable light colour.
Letteralmente vuol dire gruppo ed affiancato con un dispositivo di raccolta dati sta a significare un dispositivo con memoria ( ad esempio Terminalino Batch ).
Tecnologia wireless basata su onde radio a corto raggio in FH ( Frequency Hopping ) per la connessione e lo scambio di informazioni tra dispositivi come PDA, telefonini, PC, stampanti, lettori per codice a barre, terminali, ecc. Le specifiche della tecnologia sono state definite da un'organizzazione ( Bluetooth Special Interest Group ) composto tra gli altri da Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Toshiba e Nokia.
Il nome deriva dal re danese Harold II Bluetooth che nel decimo secolo d.C. unific˛ le trib¨ di Danimarca, Norvegia e Svezia..

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