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Glossario dei termini AUTO-ID

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1 - European Article Number. The international standard or system for applying unique article numbers and bar codes to products. The EAN bar code is a numeric only code, generally encoding 13 digits ( known as EAN-13 ), though in specific circumstances shorter codes ( EAN-8 ) and supplementary codes are used. The North American equivalent ( now technically a subset of the EAN system ) is the Uniform Product Code ( UPC ).
2 - European Article Number Association, now the international Article Numbering Association, EAN is the international body responsible for administering the EAN system.
Extended Area Service or Electronic Article Surveillance - A novel name for a larger than normal local telephone calling area. Customer pays a flat rate to have a larger calling area.
Electronic Data Interchange - The term electronic data interchange may be defined as the electronic transfer from computer to computer between business partners of administative and commercial or trade-related data in a standard structured format.
To translate data into machine-readable form using the format and conventions of a specific bar code symbology.