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Glossario dei termini AUTO-ID

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hands free
HF - A type of bar code scanner or scanning integrated terminal ( SIT ) which is held by operator in the hand and manually manupulated to "aim" or orient the device with the symbol to be read.
hand held
HH - A type of bar code scanning device which generally free standing or phisically attached to a counter or terminal. When used, the operator manipulates the object to be read so that it's symbol is presented to or passes through the scanner's field of view.
Hand Laser Scanner
Un dispositivo di lettura del ottico da brandeggiare come una pistola e che utilizza un fascio di luce laser a bassa energia come fonte di illuminazione. Il termine 'Laser Gun' usato meno frequentemente di 'Hand Laser Scanner'.

An optical bar code reading device held in the hand using a low energy laser light beam as its source of illumination. The term 'Laser Gun' is used less frequently of 'Hand Laser Scanner'.

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helium neon laser
He Ne laser - A type of laser commonly used in bar code scanners. It emits visible coherent red light at wavelenght of 623,8 nanometers. Bars printed in red would therefore be indistinguishable from the background. In some specifications the wavelength of light is referred to as "B633".