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Glossario dei termini AUTO-ID

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scan engine
Con questo termine ( letteralmete motore di scansione ) si intende il gruppo hardware di un lettore che effettua la scansione di un codice a barre.
An electronic device that converts optical information (e.g. a printed bar code or OCR symbol ) into electrical signals for subsequent decoding and transmission to a computer. Originally used only for a laser scanner, the term is now used more generally for any optical code-reading device for all automatic identification technologies.

See bar code reader
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Any of the light elements between the bars of a bar code, which may or may not carry encoded information. The space may be formed by the substrate or by some light ink. Sometimes called light bar.
Slot Reader
A bar code reading device which requires that the bar-coded material is drawn through a slot into which a nearconctat bar code reader is built. The device requires that the bar code be in a fixed location relative to the edge of a thin substrate.

See Slot Scanner
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Slot Scanner
Another term for 'flat bed scanner'. The name slot scanner derives from the plastic moulding over the ouput window of the scanner which has slots to enable the scanner beam to generate the scan pattern but which inhibits the entry of ambient light.

See Slot Reader
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Supply Chain
Una Supply Chain Ŕ una rete di risorse e punti di distribuzione che svolge le funzioni di approvvigionamento dei materiali, di trasformazione in prodotti intermedi e finiti, di distribuzione e consegna ai clienti ed Ŕ composta da imprese autonome che condividono finalitÓ comuni.