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Glossario dei termini AUTO-ID

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E' l'acronimo di "Optical Character Recognition" riconoscimento dei caratteri ottici.

Odette ( the organisation for data Exchange by Tele Transmission in Europe ) has been involved for some years with the development and adoption of electronic data interchange ( EDI ) and bar code standards. Although focussed on and sponsored by the European motor industry, the Odette standards can be used by other industries. Odette operates on a pan-European basis.

optical throw
E' la distanza dalla facciata del lettore al punto in cui inizia la profonditÓ di campo.

The distance from the face of the reading device to the beginning of the depth of field.

Produttore giapponese di lettori per codice a barre e mobile computers OPTICON.

Positioning with respect to a specific direction or plane. Bar code symbols can be positioned so as to be scanned horizontally ( vertical bars: 'picket fence' orientation ) or vertically ( horizontal bars: 'ladder' orientation ). All scanners effectively scan at approximately 90 degrees rotation to the height of the bars.